Green up your office

Fully potted plants, delivered to your office space with a smart assistant who keeps your plants alive.

Get your plant package

Green up your office
has never been so easy:

1. Choose your package

Choose the plant package that matches the needs of your copmany and your office space.

2. Personal Delivery

Your package is carefully put together and delivered to your office in the appropriate pots.

3. Digital Assistant

Install our digital assistant and add our plant care service to get individual tips to keep your plants alive.

Use the power of plants

Plants break down carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and increase the humidity in dry offices. They even filter pollutants from the office air. Green plants with large leaves can also reduce the noise level in open-plan offices. What are you waiting for?

Plant care made easy

Green thumb missing? That shouldn’t be a problem! Our digital assistant accompanies you daily and gives you tips on plant care via slack. All you have to do is to add the slack bot to your team chat and follow our tips.

Support your local gardener

Due to COVID-19 the last few weeks weren't easy for local shops and services. That's why we partnered up with local nurseries to support them and offer you high quality plants for your office at the same time.

Turn your office in a place your team loves!

No matter if you are a startup or a growing company: we offer you three plant packages which have been carefully put together with our nursery partners and agriculturalist.

Keep your plants (planet) alive!

We use 100% recycable pots made from waste products and use sharing providers to deliver all of our plants.

It's time to create an individual office full of power and energy!

We belive in the power of plants and their advantages for our work-life. Soon you will find here even more about what drives us as a startup and our plants.

Make the most out of your office space!

We do not only care about our plants, but also about your privacy.